Thinking of Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is on the 31st March

Traditionally in the UK young people working in some of the big houses would be allowed home for this day and they would take a cake or a present home to their Mother.  Nowadays we usually buy a special bunch of flowers. There aren’t that many wild flowers around at this time of the year but there are some lovely wild artificial flowers on our website.  This collection has been photographed in a tall very narrow vase.  Search the wild flower section for some wonderful simple ideas.  This collection of flowers has columbines, lavender and wild dahlia.

Spring Flowers

Our Spring Category has some very realistic tulips making a colourful display until the real comes along and why not leave the real one blooming in the garden. There are lots of advantages with artificial flowers and the fact that they can be bent is a useful one.  Some of them these days can be put in water so that they be arranged amongst real flowers.