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Summer bouquet with berries

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Flowers are utterly beautiful for any occasion, but fresh flowers can also be incredibly expensive. They smell amazing, look fantastic, and are a real talking point when they’re in season, but there is a place in the world for artificial flowers, too.

Artificial flowers have a ton of benefits that many people don’t consider. Having the best doesn’t mean that you have to pay extortionate prices. Especially when there are artificial flowers that look just as fantastic and realistic as the real thing. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons that you should go for artificial flowers:

Artificial Flowers Look Real

Real flowers that engulf the senses are a very expensive investment for a wedding or an occasion, and they do look stunning. The thing is, they die. After a while, you’re going to watch your money die just because the flowers are real. Artificial flowers can be as luxurious as you want them to be, and to an untrained eye, they look just as real.

They Survive Anywhere

Most of the time, flowers in a vase have to be in the ray of light of the sun to survive. You also have to keep real flowers watered and fed to ensure longevity. With artificial flowers, you can have florals anywhere in the house – by a window or not – and you don’t have to try to keep them alive. All they’ll need is an occasional dust!

Seasons Don’t Count

Fresh flowers are generally cut in season, and the flowers that suit the season are cheaper than forced growth for out of season blooms. Your favorite flower won’t necessarily bloom through the year, but with artificial ones, you can have any flower you like, and they’ll stay in the house as long as you want. Spritz them with scent, and they’ll smell just as good, too!

No More Sneezing

Pollen is one of the most common allergens, and it’s something that puts people off of having flowers in the home. Instead, artificial flowers can give you the arrangement that you want, without any of the sneezing that comes with it!

They’re Cost Effective

If you plan to have a beautiful bouquet for your wedding, centerpieces for the tables and buttonholes for the men, you’ll be looking at quite a hefty bill for flowers.

With silk flowers, they’ll feel like the real thing, look like the real thing, and they’ll be a much cheaper cost. Instead of needing to pay for your bridal bouquet to be pressed for posterity, you can keep hold of your silk flowers as they will last forever. If you do opt for a fresh bridal bouquet, you could still have a silk version made so that you can throw it for the tradition!

Artificial flowers have more than a place in the world alongside their fresh counterparts, so why not choose artificial flowers for your next event.

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