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Withycombe Fair started in 1989 as a gift shop in Dunster on the edge of the Exmoor National Park.

One day an Agent came to my door with a very large suitcase and asked if we would consider selling the artificial flowers from the Company he represented.  Having lived a few years in the Far East and seen the fantastic silk flowers made there, I was interested, however, before he opened his case I said “these had better be good or I am not interested”.  Poor man. Of course, they were good and, I still deal with that company today and many more. We still strive for the best but now and again we will buy something that is probably not up to our best quality but is good value.

Our selection covers Greenery, Garlands, Bouquets, bunches and single stems for all occasions

We moved from Dunster in 2000 and we decided to have just an online business and only sell Artificial Flowers. We are now in Minehead a West Somerset Coastal town. Still on the edge of Exmoor. We are lucky to live in such a lovely part of the Country