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A Country Wedding 6521

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Forget me not buttercup mini orchid wild lily wild rose wild jasmine wax flower queen anne lace cow parsley anemone harebell sweet pea wild jasmine
A Country Wedding 6521

Country Wedding Bunch   6521

Pick this Posy or similar and keep it in your bottom drawer until the day.
Your guests will think you ran out into the fields early on the day of your wedding to pick these delicate wild flowers.
Cow Parsley, Wax flower, Daisy, Wild Lily, a tiny Wild Rose, Anemones, Sweet Pea, mini chrysath, forget me not buttercups and much more make up this delicate bunch. Width about 8 to 9 inches (22cms) Height about 12 inches (30cms)
This is a limited edition but similar can be made up.

Brand in house
Code 6521