Artificial flowers from Withycombe Fair

We specialise in Silk and Artificial Flowers, which is why Withycombe Fair flowers are the best

Artificial flowers don't need watering
They bloom continuously
They won't die when you are away
They can be dusted and some can be washed gently in soapy water
Artificial Flowers can be steamed gently over a kettle to bring back any shape
Most artificial flowers can be bent so that they can be put in just the right position
Wedding flowers can be done in advance without worrying
Out of Season Flowers are always available
Artificial Flowers are pollen free, so goodbye to allergies.

What are Artificial Flowers?

Artificial Flowers these days are made from all kinds of material, from silk to polyester, paper and plastic. The most realistic are 'Real Touch', 'Fresh Touch' and recently ‘soft touch’ where they feel like real flowers. The artificial flowers we stock are of high quality, resist fading and generally do not attract dust.

The stems of artificial flowers are made from coloured plastic, with wire inside so that they can be bent and arranged to suit any requirement. Some of our flowers these days don't have a wire in them or the wire has been sealed so they can be put into water with your fresh flowers.  Usually we call these 'Aqua'. The plastic on the stems too are made to replicate fresh flowers, roses have thorns (which do not cut or hurt) other artificial flowers and plants have stems with buds, bark effect and are made to replicate nature and the natural growth of the plant. 

What's the difference between Silk Flowers and Artificial/Imitation/Faux Flowers?

Pure Silk Flowers are rare these days, most artificial flowers are made of silk and polyester or other fabrics. Todays artificial flowers are made to look and feel as close to real plants and flowers as possible.

Silk flowers originated in the far east where whole gardens were created using silk for the petals and leaves, using thin wire to make the flower and then grafted onto wood to create plants and trees.

Where can Faux Flowers be used?

Generally Faux flowers are bought for the home and in our experience are used in place of fresh flowers, also in arrangements with fresh flowers. Faux flowers look so realistic and do not attract dust and therefore are welcomed in many hospitals in the UK, please do check with the hospital first to make sure they do accept artificial flowers.

Imitation Flowers as Gifts

We find that over 30% of our orders are for gifts and we receive many thank you notes saying how lovely they are and what a perfect gift. We have seen in the past few years an increase in giving of imitation flowers for Birthdays, Valentines day, Mother's Day and anniversaries.

Using Artificial Flowers for Weddings

Arranging a wedding can be a stressful time and using artificial flowers at your wedding for corsages, bouquets, headdresses and buttonholes means that the flowers can be arranged in advance and will look clean and fresh for your special day. We find that more and more brides are choosing artificial flowers to decorate the church and the reception venue. Garlands, table arrangements and posies are an ideal use for artificial flowers and look stunning and colourful all year round. They are also very useful if the wedding is abroad.

Fresh flowers have limited growing seasons in the UK, with artificial flowers most flowers are available all year round. They are also extremely useful weddings outside the UK as they are easy to carry, do not usually have border restrictions that fresh flowers and plants may have.

Using Artificial Flowers for Funerals

Forget-me-not is one of the favourite flowers that is chosen for funerals, along with freesias and poppies. The all year round availability of our artificial flowers can be a comfort for the mourners.

Artificial Flowers for Christmas

Everyone likes to decorate their home at Christmas and our range of artificial garlands, poinsettias, holly, mistletoe and amarylis can help you create that glossy magazine look. Packed away carefully at the end of the fesitive season they will last for years.

Arranging Artificial Flowers

Arranging artificial flowers is very easy as the stems can be bent into just about any position to suit the arrangement. We supply artificial flowers to magazines, film and television companies, marketing agencies, PR companies, theatres and exhibitions.