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Jam Jar Autumn Colours   6330

Jam Jar Autumn Colours 6330

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Sunflower Ranuncula Poppy Berries Daisy Physalis Chinese lantern
Jam Jar Autumn Colours 6330
Jam Jar 6330  Autumn Colours

Ranuncula, Poppy, Physalis, Chinese Lantern. Daisies, sunflowers and more
Height about 10 to 12 inches (28 to 30cms)

The Jam Jar Collection is made up of various sizes of small Jam jars with little bunches of flowers.  More of any particular one can be ordered as long as all the flowers are available. Each flower is cut from the main taller stems available on our website and arranged in the jar.  They aren't fixed as it isn't necessary and it means you can move them around too and they will pretty well always look good.  The flowers for the small jars are cut much shorter than any bigger jars but that doesn’t affect the price.  The price is slightly affected by the cost of the original piece and how many flower heads it has.

We include the jar but we don’t charge for it.  The bunch will come hand tied, wrapped in tissue and tied with a ribbon.  Undo it completely, pop them into the jar to fall into place. You may be tempted to move them around a bit, which is fine and you can always put a bit of water in the bottom but eventually the water may become rusty.

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