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Red Poinsettia and gilded White 6584

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Red Poinsettia and gilded White 6584

Exclusive Collection 

We have done the hard work for you and cut the expense. You would need to buy several tall and sometimes expensive stems to make a little posy for a jar yourself and you would be left with a lot of waste. Occasionally we use items that are no longer available for you to buy. Not all, but some of the stems are quite difficult to divide and cut. Our Jam jars may seem simple but to achieve the right effect is not easy or cheap. Undo the little bunch and pop them in the jar. You can re-arrange them to suit yourself and they will look just as pretty. It is the colour and choice of blooms that makes the arrangement. You can put a little water in the bottom if you want but it may go rusty so would need changing every so often. We include the jar, but we don't charge for it.

Height approximately 8/9 inches 20 to 30 inches

Brand in house
Code 6584