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Small Posy of Shades of Red Ranuncula 6278

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Ranuncula Rannuncula ranunculla ranunculas
Small Posy of Shades of Red Ranuncula 6278
Red Ranuncula Posy 6278
A lovely hand-tied posy for a bridesmaid or on the end of the pew in church.
Shortish stem and different sized flower heads. Also different shades of colour on each flower
head,The large head is a good red with a green middle. 3 inches (7 cms). A medium one 
2 1/2 ins  (6 cms) and a smaller one  1 1/2 ins (3 cms) which are cream with red tinted edges. Two of similar size in a red wine colour.  Two very tiny cerise open ones and a couple of little buds.  A lovely collection overall.  Great for a summer or a Christmas wedding.
Overall height 9 1/2 ins.  (24cms) Green plastic stems
Brand fs
Code 6278